KEDOS-ID is a Info Solution S.p.A. division (

Info Solution designs and manufactures products and complete and innovative electronic systems since 1998, providing products and services to customers and operating in several sectors: medical, aerospace, defense, telecommunication, electro-medical, robotic, and electronic sectors or other electronic growths such as appliances, home automation and IoT. There are three operating locations and more than 100 workers who operate with  the leading research institutes and Italian universities: Politecnique in Milan, Milan Bicocca University, University of Genoa, La Sapienza University in Rome and National Institute of Astro-Physics INAF-IFSI in Rome. For the Health sector, Info Solution has created a specific line of business, Kedos, with the following solutions:

Kedos-ID ( it is a solution  that is based on RFID technologies with software and devices for the traceability of blood components, tissues and biological drugs and transport monitoring.

Kedos-Net ( : it is a solution for "home care e-health" and it consists  in a telemedicine platform, an APP and electronic medical devices.

Kedos-MIT ( : it is an intelligent system to move beds  of  hospitals, increasing productivity,  eliminating risks of injury and  reducing manpower about beds movement.

In 2014, Info Solution developed the experimental project that was named "Palladio" with collaborative two major industrial players such as Macopharma and Menarini. Palladium is an integrated hardware and software solution to identify blood bags, based on RFID radio frequency technology that is applied to the transfusion process. Specifically, this solution keeps track of blood bags from the origin, the handling, the transportation, the storage until  the distribution in the department for the transfusion at the patient. At the same time, experimenting with Palladio project in Veneto, Info Solution  won the tender called by the Lombardy region for the traceability of blood and blood components technology and the monitoring of temperatures in nine macro-areas and about 200 collection points and handling. Several innovative technological devices were designed and produced, integrated with each other, they  allow automation and control of the process and they ensure the respect about rules that are required for the transport and the storage, resulting in improved security.


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