Identification and Traceability for Transfusion chain

Kedos-ID system allows the automation and the control of the process, the resulting improvements in the safety and assurance of compliance with regulatory requirements for the transport and the storage. It  keeps track of information about the donation of blood bags, to any processing and to the transfusion to the patient. It is an integrated hardware and software for identifying and it is  based on the RFID technology in radio frequency that is applied to the transfusion process. Specifically it includes 5 electronic devices for the reading and the writing of the designed  TAG to adapt itself to the needs of the individual process step transfusion, and their respective software applications are used for data management.


In the phase of the donation, the system identifies donor data, donation ID and type, operator ID who attends the collection and the weight of the bag. The blood bags are provided with labels and RFID TAG, maintaining traditional Barcodes. RFID technology allows to obtain other information about  the bag history, querying the TAG and precisely his memory. The bags of blood or blood components are included in isolated containers, they are certified for this type of transport and then they are sent to the centers where they will be processed.


Storage of blood

Storage of blood components occurs in "mini-blood banks", incubator or agitator platelet bag  with RF ID technology for  identification and traceability of blood components. The blood components, red cells, platelets and platelets that are concentrated from apheresis suffer for the processing of filtration, irradiation, washing, microbiological inactivation and each of them is traced by RFID readings.




Finally, in the transfusion, the recipient is identified using a bracelet with Barcode and RFID tags. The ID code is read by mobile devices with the connection to the informational system about transfusion.

Transport: during the transport of each container, it is associated a temperature sensor that verifies that blood components always  respect the temperature range that is required by rules.

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